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What we are:

  • Computer Business

  • Retail Business

  • Service Provider

  • Local people just trying to help

What we are not:

  • Replacement for News

  • Replacement for Official Announcements

  • Official source of Healthcare Information

  • Source for Emergency / Immediate Information

We are all going through a trying time.  This is a time that none of us have experienced before, at least not in this magnitude.  Whether you believe this epidemic and the responses are of hype or true to the sense, the response and reactions are real and have very real impacts.  Please seek your local, state, federal and healthcare facilities' sites for any official information regarding this current epidemic.  With that said, this page is meant to be solely a place of refuge and direction as we all navigate these waters together.  Enjoy and please let us know how we can do better for you!

-Chase McDaniel, President Computer Innovations, Inc.


Computer Innovations

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Collins, Mississippi 39428

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P.O. Box 820

Collins, Mississippi 39428

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