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Children Projects & Ideas

The children are home, and now we kinda sorta know what the teachers deal with on a daily basis.  HOWEVER, we do not need to let this lapse in education force a lapse in continued learning.  Here are a few ideas, projects, links that you can utilize to keep your children's minds active.

Keeping current on classes

Math Formulas

WHAT: Below are a few sources that are offering discounted or free online study material for students that are currently out of school due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

IDEA: Have your children practice one class per day for 1 hour.

WHO: Go Noodle


WHO: Smart Music


WHO: Coursera


WHO: National Geographic


Fun at Home Projects

Fun with Imagination

WHAT: Use what you have to do what you can!  Below are a few ideas that you can use to create easy projects for your children to complete.  Have some ideas of your own?  Let us know!

IDEA: Give you child a project twice a week.  Judge the results and reward him/her.

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