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Regardless of your business type....

...we can make your job more efficient!  Whether you own a cattle business, chicken farm, or accounting firm, we've got the technology experience you require!

Your #1

Solution for ink

and toner 

Networking Solutions



We can come to you!

Authorized for you!

By being a Sharp authorized dealer, we are able to bring you the latest in interactive display technology.  Take your meeting and board rooms to an entirely new level by implementing an interactive panel.  This allows for a panel that will provide a mass of tools to demonstrate that new idea to the employees or to communicate via video conference.  

In the Kitchen

Point of Sale Systems

With a variety of business types out there that require technology now-a-days, we can assure you we have been there, done that.  If you are a small restaurant just getting started, or a national franchise (yep, we've helped there too), we can assist!  

We never say no to a project.

We. Just. Get. It. Done.

Think it is too big of a job?

   ...think again!

No matter how big that rat nest of cables is, or whether you just want to get organized again, we can help you do it. 


Our goal is to ensure you are 100% happy when we are done.  That is a goal that has resonated with us for over 20 years, and we will never lose sight of that goal. 


We do not do "hidden" fees or recommend equipment / service that you do not need just to try and get you to spend money.  We are here to do what YOU want and provide a service and equipment to meet that end.

Electrical Inspectors

Computer Innovations

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