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Education Technology Is Our Specialty!


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We know Education Technology!

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With over 20 years of building relationships within the education technological sector, we have become familiar with what schools require to enable the students of Mississippi with the knowledge required to succeed.  In addition, we also understand the financial constraints that the Mississippi education system has when it comes to purchasing technology equipment.  Computer Innovations has built a special relationship with manufacturers all over the world to ensure that Mississippi's schools not only get the best brands and quality, but that they also get consistently low prices that are truly competitive.  

Whether it is replacing an entire computer lab, installing interactive boards for the classrooms, or setting up and demonstrating a new chromebook cart, we have done it, and we know the answers.  

Because we are local and strategically located in central Mississippi, we have the unique opportunity to offer quick ONSITE support throughout the state that very few other resellers can offer.

Desktops, Laptops, & Interactive boards...

Education technology has come a long way from the days of overhead projectors and chalkboards.  Interactive boards from Sharp Aquos Boards allow teachers and students to interact in a way never before seen with other competitors.  With combined increased efficiency and quality, teachers now have the tools to teach...but in a fun and exciting environment!

We can also help you put together a project to replace that aging computer lab or the group of teacher laptops that just aren't keeping up to speed with the latest that technology has to offer.  On a budget (who in education isn't, right)?  We have an option to help you meet the requirements but also come under budget.

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